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Ground Mounted Solar Systems: The Basics

Ground mounted solar systems are an innovative alternative to traditional rooftop solar installations. They open up a world of opportunities for property owners with non-ideal roofs or abundant yard space, allowing you to harness the sun’s power more effectively.

How Ground Mounted Solar Systems Work

These systems involve solar panels mounted on racking structures secured to the ground. The panels can be placed at the perfect angle and orientation to maximize the solar energy captured. Here are some key features of ground-mounted solar:

  • Adjustable Angles: Ground systems can be adjusted seasonally for maximum sun exposure.
  • Flexibility in Placement: These systems can be installed wherever the most sunlight is available.
  • Room for More Panels: More space often translates to a larger system and greater energy production.
  • Easy Access for Maintenance: Ground-level accessibility makes regular maintenance and cleaning easier, ensuring your system always performs at its best.

Why Choose Ground Mounted Solar?

There are several reasons why ground mounted solar systems have become a popular choice among our clients. Here’s a closer look:

Increased Energy Efficiency

The option to position your solar panels for optimal sun exposure increases their energy efficiency. Unlike rooftop panels, ground mounted systems aren't limited by the roof's pitch or orientation.

Easier Maintenance and Cleaning

Ground mounted systems are easier to reach for regular maintenance and cleaning. This ease of access ensures that your panels remain in top-notch condition for longer, providing maximum output.

More Solar Panels, More Power

The flexibility to install a larger array of solar panels on the ground means you can produce more power. This is especially beneficial for properties with high energy consumption or those aiming to go completely off-grid.

Ideal for Non-standard Roofs

If your property has a non-standard roof (in terms of material, shape, size, or orientation), a ground mounted system can bypass these limitations, ensuring you still benefit from solar power.

Ground Mounted vs. Rooftop Solar

Choosing between ground mounted and rooftop solar installations depends on your property's specifics and your energy needs. Each has its advantages and unique characteristics.

Ground Mounted Solar:

  • Ideal for properties with ample open land.
  • Flexibility in system design and positioning.
  • Easier maintenance and cleaning.
  • Can host a larger solar panel array.

Rooftop Solar:

  • Ideal for properties with limited land but a suitable roof.
  • Less noticeable than ground-mounted systems.
  • Can contribute to cooling the building underneath.
  • Typically, there's no need for additional land development.

At Schoenherr Solar, we’ll help you evaluate your property and energy needs to determine the best solar solution for you. Whether it’s ground mounted or rooftop solar, we’re committed to helping you harness the sun’s power in the most efficient way possible.

Expert Solar Panel Installation

Here at Schoenherr Solar, our solar panel installation is seamless and worry-free. We handle every detail, from the initial site assessment to the final system check. Trust us to deliver a tailored solar solution that meets your energy needs.
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Serving The Greater Detroit Metro

Our reach extends beyond Romeo to the Greater Detroit Metro. We bring our top-notch solar installation services to you, ensuring you can switch to renewable energy without the stress of finding reliable “solar installers near me”.

Industrial Solar Installations

For businesses looking for sustainable, cost-effective energy solutions, our industrial solar installations are the perfect choice. From ground arrays that cover acres to rooftop solar systems, we’ve got you covered.

Quality Guaranteed

As one of the best “solar companies near me”, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to quality. From the solar panels we install to our customer service, expect nothing less than the best.

Transparent Pricing

Switching to solar is an investment, and we believe you should know exactly what you’re investing in. We provide clear, upfront pricing with no hidden costs or surprises.

A Solar Partner You Can Trust

Our Solar Solutions Are Built To Last! - Guaranteed!

Who We Are

Located in the heart of Romeo, we’ve been pioneers in solar panel installation since our inception. With our team of dedicated solar installers, we’re transforming the way our neighbors think about energy one home, and one business, at a time.

Our Solar Solutions

We specialize in various solar solutions, including solar roofing, ground arrays, and industrial solar installations. Our ground mounted solar systems are designed to harness the power of the sun efficiently and effectively, even when your roof is not an ideal location for solar panels.

Our Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

We are deeply committed to creating a sustainable future. Our solar installation practices are designed to minimize our environmental impact while maximizing the benefits for our clients.

Ready to Go Solar with Schoenherr Solar?

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to save on your utility bills, or a business interested in industrial solar, we’re ready to help you make the transition. Connect with us today and let’s make the most of the sun’s power together.

Join the Schoenherr Solar family and start your solar journey with the best in the business. We look forward to powering your future with clean, renewable solar energy.


A ground mounted solar system typically lasts between 25-30 years. However, with proper maintenance, they can function efficiently beyond this timeframe.
Yes, at Schoenherr Solar, we provide a comprehensive warranty for our solar installations. The details vary depending on the system and components installed.
The space requirement for a ground mounted system varies based on your energy needs. We offer a free site assessment to determine the feasibility of the installation.
A solar roofing system involves installing solar panels on your roof, while a ground mounted system places the panels on the ground. The best option depends on several factors, such as the condition and orientation of your roof, and the available ground space.
The timeline for solar installation varies, but on average, it can take anywhere between 1-3 days for the physical installation. Other processes, like site assessment and permitting, may add to the overall timeline.
There are various federal, state, and local incentives available for installing solar systems. These may include tax credits, rebates, and net metering programs. We can provide more specific information based on your location and the system you choose.
Yes, we provide a full range of maintenance and repair services for our solar installations to ensure they continue to function optimally and efficiently.
With net metering, excess power your system generates is fed back into the grid, and you receive credit for this power from your utility company. This process may vary based on local regulations and the specific agreement with your utility company.